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A Family Business on the Moon: 24 activities to plan your family and business future

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by Randel S. Carlock and Keng-Fun Loh

It’s 8 small steps for the family, one giant leap for your family business

Discover a new approach to help business families learn to work together more effectively. The purpose of this book and its tools is to help make explicit and align the family’s values, visions, contribution, expectations and purpose for the family and business.

Who is this for?

  • Does your family own a business?
  • Does your family control significant financial or business assets?
  • Is family harmony an important goal for you and your business family?
  • Have family issues or conflict spilled over into your family business?
  • Have business decisions impacted your family?
  • Do you advise wealthy or business families?
  • Would you like support your family business clients’ planning activities more effectively?

Answer YES to any of these and this book is for you!

What does it come with?

Worth (US$)
 A Family Business on the Moon (Fieldbook) US$70.00
The Family and Business Parallel Planning Process Map (Giant size 594 x 841mm) US$10.00
Basic360 Family Business Profile* (Get 3 participants off your total bill)  US$87.00
Advanced360 Family Business Profile* (Get 20% off your total bill)  US$90.00 & more
Total value  over US$250

 * 2 powerful online assessments for your family.

More information about the online Basic360 and Advanced360 at or read on ...

More about the book

The reason that many business families do not plan for their journey together is that the process is time consuming, dangerous, and complex.

Based on more than 20 years of teaching and advising business families around the world, this activity-based fieldbook is designed as a rigorous planning tool. It teaches the professional planning skills required for any business family to become a multi-generational team driven by planning, passion and purpose. 

Why are we writing this book?

After over 25 years of teaching family business around the world, we have seen some outstanding business families who understand and use planning to help their families and businesses perform better.

But we have also observed, and research shows, that most business families do not have plans for succession and few have a clear family strategy.

So why don’t more family firms professionalize their family and business planning?

The need for business planning is demonstrated and accepted but many families still neglect addressing their family plans because they know the issues are emotional and they do not want to risk potentially explosive conversations.

It is understandable that planning for both family harmony and business sustainability is a daunting task, and therefore often ignored or avoided.

Families are about emotions and caring, and businesses are about profit and performance, not a likely partnership.

It is also clear that the family’s significant role demands the family’s capable and active participation so there needs to be a new approach to helping business families learn to work together more effectively.

3 ways A Family Business on the Moon is designed to support their planning and action for their opportunities and challenges.

  1. It provides a shared vocabulary to enable and encourage communication about the family’s values, vision, and family and business planning actions.
  2. It teaches the Parallel Planning Process (PPP) to help families align their values, vision, strategy, investment and governance for the benefit of both the family and the business.
  3. It supports the family’s and especially, the next generation’s development as leaders and owners.

Encouraging family interaction is the most important feature of the book’s learning experience because it starts with individual thinking but stimulates the family’s participation in each learning activity.

Learn with

  • 300 pages of easy-to-read writing
  • 70 original illustrations to “see” new ideas
  • 51 values cards* to clarify your values
  • 40 planning worksheets
  • 24 tried and tested activities
  • 1 online Basic360 assessment to explore your family and business planning performance (You can get 3 participants off your total bill) 
  • 1 online Advanced360* assessment to benchmark your family and business planning
  • 1 Parallel Planning Process Map# to organize plans, ideas and actions
  • 1 listening bear* to share “airtime” 1 build-your-own paper rocket to launch your family’s journey to the Moon.

*sold separately

# a Giant PPP Map (594 x 841mm) is included in the back pocket of the book. You can also purchase a Galactic PPP Map (670mm x 980mm) separately. 


Basic360 and Advanced360 Family Business Profiles

2 powerful online assessments for your family! Get them at

The Basic360 is a snapshot and assesses the quality of family’s current planning practices and is introduced in Activity 5 before the planning starts. (You will find a promo code in the book for 3 participants off your total bill.)

The Advanced360 is a deep dive and provides the big picture. It is purchased separately after completing the book and can be taken annually to benchmark and regularly evaluate the family and business planning actions. It also helps the family embark on a long-term process of identifying and developing their family’s purpose. (You will find a promo code in the book to enjoy 20% off your total bill.)

Most great business families have a purpose beyond making money.

The book ends by exploring a challenge that all successful business families face: what is the purpose of this family owning a business together?

We believe that every business family is unique and a sample of one. So perhaps the ultimate outcome of A Family on the Moon is for each family to “write” their own story, building and strengthening their family relationships with improved communication and sound planning processes.