The Family and Business Galactic Parallel Planning Process Map
The Family and Business Galactic Parallel Planning Process Map

The Family and Business Galactic Parallel Planning Process Map

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The Parallel Planning Process Map offers a framework for thinking and organizing ideas.

Parallel Planning Process (PPP) has proved to be easy to use and yet comprehensive in covering the major decisions facing family firms throughout the world. The 8 steps of the PPP start with family values and vision as they are drivers of family and business strategy, investment, and governance. Your family's aspirations and legacy—expressed through its values, vision, and planning—represent a strong commitment to your shared personal and business success. The Parallel Planning Process is a model that helps families and their management teams answer the critical questions leading to more effective relationships and strong financial performance.

You apply the Parallel Planning Process to your family business situation using the Parallel Planning Process Map by working together to plan the future of the family and the business—you might even call it a space map to the Moon.


Look out for the directions in the activities within "A Family Business on the Moon: 24 activities to plan your family and business future" fieldbook to record action steps and ideas important to your family. 

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Key to using the map

  • The PPP starts with family values. That's logical, because family behavior is always about values.

  • Formal planning is not just for large public companies; it's for all businesses... and if they're family businesses, that means planning for the family as well as the firm.

• Planning for the family gets those difficult issues out in the open, rather than bottling them up until they explode.

• Planning isn't the opposite of action. Quite the opposite. It makes action happen.

• If you have shared priorities and the same destination, it's easy to plan the route.


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