The Family and Business Values Cards box and some cards with the words Respect and Fairness
image of a family sitting around the table sorting The Family and Business Values Cards

The Family and Business Values Cards (English)

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54 family and business values cards and instructions to help your family reach a consensus on the values that drive your behavior—past and future.

Values are the principles that drive behavior and decisions, whether virtuous or dishonorable. They clarify what’s important in our lives and to our families. They are stable because they transmit across generations. They exert strong influence on both individual and family behavior—much more so than business policies. The most successful business families manage to leverage their shared values to maintain a defendable competitive advantage over other companies. When this is repeated over generations, family ownership becomes a powerful asset for business success.

Card sorting is a technique for exploring how individuals and teams rank or group relationships among items. It’s particularly useful as a tool for identifying family values, along with their relative importance and associated behaviors.

A tool from the latest fieldbook: A Family Business on the Moon: 24 activities to plan your family and business future by Randel S. Carlock and Keng-Fun Loh, this activity is designed based on more than 20 years of teaching and advising family businesses around the world by Professor Randel S. Carlock of INSEAD, one of the world's leading and largest graduate business schools.


54 Values cards 

3 Blank cards

2 Instruction cards


Card  55mm x 90mm

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